The three little pigs

Go ahead, cross the river Oropesa, cross the bridge. Touch the iron of its railing; it is cold but safe, sober and yet modern.

The past is present, the stone that was here is here. It is still here, whispering the textile history of this place. Step inside, look up, the wooden ceiling will welcome you, give you warmth and shelter. Iron, stone, wood: noble, hard and resistant materials, just like the people who are carrying out the La Trapera project.

As in the fairy tale, here too the wolf threatens. It is a wolf in the form of a pandemic, of inclemency, of mistakes, of bureaucracy, of unforeseen events..., but as in every fairy tale, it will be defeated. The three little pigs realised too late how important it is to join forces and that a job well done takes time.

This project is not a fairy tale; it is a reality that will soon open its doors. Soon you will be able to touch the iron, admire the stones and under its wood enjoy with us good wine and coffee, fresh beer and delicious food.

See you soon Traper@s!


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