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Product, flavour and tradition

Past and present come together to guarantee your enjoyment. The common thread of our dishes is our land: Castile. Our cuisine is based on slow cookingThe "chup-chup" associated with the kitchens of grandmothers, who gave time to stews and practised that cooking of affection; an essential ingredient to conquer palates.

At Camping La Trapera, we want you to feel at home, enjoying a comforting meal that evokes memories and emotions. Our restaurant is the ideal place to share special moments with friends and family.while you delight your palate with dishes that awaken unique sensations.

From classic spoon dishes, to the incredible Castilian delicaciesOur menu offers a wide variety of options to suit all tastes.

Javier Andrade, our chef

Javier Andrade is the chef behind the cooker at the Camping La Trapera restaurant. His culinary approach is based on rescuing the traditional recipes of our land, Castile, and reviving them with a renewed touch.without fear of experimenting with new techniques and flavours.

His love of cooking with sauces and gravies is evident in every dish he creates. The deep and authentic flavours of his preparations are the result of the time and effort he invests in every detail. 

Javier is a perfectionist, and what he enjoys most about his job is the creative process. He loves the feeling of creating from scratch, trying different combinations, even failing and learning from those mistakes to refine each dish and achieve gastronomic excellence.

Through his dedication and talent, Javier has gained recognition as an exceptional chef in his homeland.He is considered a culinary prophet in Castile. His ability to highlight the authentic flavours of the Burgos, Castilian and Spanish pantry has captivated diners beyond the country's borders, making him an ambassador of Spanish gastronomy.

The Sierra de la Demanda on the Table: the delights of our land

En el restaurante del Camping La Trapera tenemos un firme compromiso con la frescura y calidad de nuestros ingredientes, por lo que our menu changes according to the market and the season.. Our aim is to always offer local products from Km 0, thus guaranteeing the authentic flavour and origin of each dish we serve.

One of the undisputed stars of our menu are mushrooms. In season, we delight with a variety of mushrooms and fungi collected in Sierra de la Demandacontributing.

In addition, the truffle is a culinary jewel that is never missing from our menu.. Its incomparable aroma and flavour are combined with other ingredients to create unique dishes.

We also use carefully selected game products from the region to create dishes that bring out the natural flavours and authenticity of the meat.

We seek to transmit the essence of the Sierra de la Demanda in every mouthful. We work to capture the essence of the region in each dish, offering our customers a unique and unique experience. authentic and memorable dining experience.


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Tuesday 10:00 - 17:00
Wednesday 10:00 - 17:00
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Friday 10:00 - 17:00
Saturday 10:00 - 00:00
Sunday 10:00 - 17:00
  • The restaurant's kitchen is open for meals, except on Mondays., (13:30 – 15:30) and dinners on Saturdays only, (20:30 – 22:30)
  • The bar is open from 10 am and we serve breakfast until 12 noon.



Blue Cheese and Pear Salad (with Cranberries, Walnuts and Honey Vinaigrette) A:2.7.

14,00 €

Pickled Quail Salad (with Apple and Mustard) A:

16,00 €

Marinated Chicken Saams (with Vegetables, Parmesan and Thai Marinade Sauce) A:

6,00 €
(2 pcs.)

Partridge Pâté (with Celery Jam and Quince Cream) A:7.8.13.

13,50 €

Croquetas Castellanas (Mellow Croquettes with hints of our Traditional Soup, accompanied by Iberian Bacon) A:

8,00 €
(8 pcs.)

Jerky Bites (Cooked Beef, Chipotle Mayonnaise and Pickled Onion) A:1.7.8.

7,50 €
(2 pcs.)

Zamburiñas a la Brasa (with Kimchi Sauce and Lime Juice) A:
14,00 € (8 pcs.)


Mellow Rice (with Low Temperature Iberian Pork Belly, Smoked Cheese Sphericals and Wild Asparagus) A:1.7.11.

16,50 €

Pocha beans with Carabinero A:4.5.6.

22,00 €

Asparagus Confit (with Smoked Eel and Hollandaise Sauce) A:

17,00 €

Stuffed Baby Squid (with Meuniere Sauce and Aioli Fritter) A:

19,50 €

Grilled Snapper (with Beurre Blanc Sauce and Green Beans) A:

24,00 €

Bonito a la Brasa (with Roasted Onion Sauce and Asparagus) A:6.7.

20,00 €

Beef Tenderloin (with Café Paris Sauce and Puente Nuevo Chips) A:1.7.11.

23,50 €

Wayú Cutlet (45 Days Matured) (with French Fries) A:

65,00 €/kg

Bress pigeon (with Sauce of its Carcasses and Artichoke Confit) A:

28,00 €

Lengua Guisada (with Olive Spheres) A:

15,00 €

Wayú Meatballs (with Truffled Mashed Potato and Iberian Bacon) A:1.7.

16,00 €

Callos Guisados (with chips) A:11.

15,00 €

Stewed Wild Boar Cheeks (with Sweet Potato Puree and Fresh Pollen) A:

21,00 €

Something more informal

Croquettes (Ham / Boletus) A:1.7.8.
8,40 € (6 pcs.)
Popcorn Popcorn Chicken (Extra Crunchy Coated, Ranch Sauce and Sweet Chili) A:

10,50 €

Squid Rings (Romana and Nuestra Mayo) A:

13,50 €

Zamburiñas a la Brasa (with Kimchi Sauce and Lime Juice) A:5.6.11.
14,00 € (8 pcs.)
Gajo Potatoes (with Bacon, Red Onion and Salsa) A:1.7.

7,00 €

Low Temperature Short Ribs (with House Dressing and Onion Rings) A:

18,00 €

Smash Burger (with Bacon, Cheese, Poached Onion and Mayo-Pepinillo-Soja) A:1.7.11.

13,00 €

Bread Ration

1,00 €


Baked Valdeón Blue Cheese Cake (with Specolous Cookie Ice Cream) A:1.7.8.

6,50 €

Tiramisu (with Mascarpone Cream) A:1.7.8.

6,50 €

Rice Pudding Foam (with Hazelnut Crunch) A:

6,50 €

Red Fruit Mousse (with Violet Ice Cream) A:1.7.8.

6,50 €

Torrija (with Vanilla Soup, Baileys Ice Cream and Toffee) A:1.7.8.

6,50 €

A: Allergens

1. gluten 2. nuts 3. sesame 4. crustaceans 5. molluscs 6. fish 7. dairy products 8. eggs 9. sulphites 10. mustard 11. soya 12. lupins 13. celery 14. peanuts Lupins 13. Celery 14. Peanuts

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