Reglamento Interno del
Camping La Trapera

A/ Entry register.
In order to be entitled to enter the campsite, it is compulsory to present your ID card, passport or equivalent document, so that the corresponding entry form required by Spanish legislation can be drawn up.

B/ Right of admission.
Entrance to the campsite will not be allowed:
- Anyone carrying weapons or implements of unusual use which are likely to be used as such.
- When the established capacity has been reached.
- When the closing time has been exceeded.
- Anyone who causes or intervenes in disturbances.
- Anyone displaying clothing or symbols that incite violence, racism or xenophobia.
- Anyone displaying obvious drunkenness and/or having consumed illegal substances.
- Anyone who traffics in illegal substances within the meaning of the relevant legislation.
- Anyone who does not present minimum conditions of personal hygiene in accordance with prevailing social customs and who, for this reason, may cause a nuisance to other people.
- To those persons who break the rules of coexistence and morality (reflected below), or who intend to enter or enter with the aim of carrying out activities other than those of the establishment. If this should happen while the persons are already inside, they will be expelled with the help of the State security forces and bodies, if necessary.
- The same applies to persons whose belongings are intended to occupy or occupy spaces that are manifestly disproportionate to the number of persons using them.
- Entry will also not be authorised to those persons in debt to the owner company for services rendered previously and for which the amounts have not been paid in due time.

In the sense of the above-mentioned cases, it shall be understood that THE RIGHT IS RESERVED. OF ADMISSION.

C/ Compliance with standards.
All persons who are registered as clients or companions at the campsite are obliged to comply with the rules of COEXISTENCE AND MORALITY set out below, in order to maintain the principles of good neighbourliness and conservation of the services of common use.


1-Respect for coexistence
- Any act that could be considered disrespectful or insulting to other campers, employees or management, causing discomfort or damage to people or their property, or that may be contrary to morals or good customs, is forbidden.

- Reception open and closed from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm.
- The hours of silence are as follows: from 14:00 to 17:00 and from 23:00 to 8:00.
During these hours, the client will avoid any kind of noise, voices, discussions,
regulating noise equipment in such a way that it does not cause a nuisance to its users.
- The camping day will end at 12 noon, with the customer paying for an extra day after this time.
- The swimming pool is open from 11 am to 2.30 pm and from 3.30 pm to 7.30 pm.
- The entrance gate for vehicles inside the campsite is closed at midnight until 9 a.m., and vehicles are not allowed to circulate inside the campsite.

- It is forbidden to manipulate the ground (ditches, measurements, pipelines, cuttings), to change the place assigned in the reception or to invade another plot or the interior roads.
- It is not allowed to wash cars on the plot or to set up swimming pools.
- It is not allowed to have tools or equipment piled up under the caravans.
- No uncontrolled fires on the plots of land.
- The installation of signs or advertising of any kind is prohibited, as is the use of the plots for commercial or industrial purposes of any kind.
- Ropes, chains or similar may not be attached to water taps. Winds, dog chains, etc. must be attached to specially designed pegs.
- Only approved camping aids and articles are permitted. The same applies to the protection of the underside of caravans.

4-Vehicle traffic
- From midnight until 9 a.m., vehicles are not allowed to circulate inside the site.
- The maximum speed of vehicles shall be 10 km/h.

5-Parking of vehicles
- All campers' vehicles must be parked in their assigned parking space. They are not allowed to park in the streets or on other plots or in any other place where they may cause a nuisance to others, unless expressly authorised by the management.
- Guests' vehicles returning to the campsite after closing time (00:00) must be parked outside the establishment.

6-Domestic animals
- Pets (dogs and cats) are allowed on the campsite, provided that they are properly supervised by their owners so that they do not disturb the peace and quiet of their neighbours. They must be kept on a leash at all times, ensure that they do not cause noise, avoid inhabited areas and take care to pick up their droppings.
- All pets must be kept on a leash within the campsite grounds and always with their owner, not left alone on the pitch.
- For the presence of potentially dangerous dogs in public spaces, the use of a leash and a muzzle appropriate to their breed is compulsory.
- They shall provide proof of vaccination certificate and licence, where applicable, whenever required by the management.

- Entry to the campsite is exclusively reserved for users of the campsite. In certain cases, at the request of the client and under their absolute responsibility, the Management may authorise the entry, always for a limited period of time, of family and friends, who will be obliged to hand in their documentation at the reception desk, which they will collect on leaving the campsite. If the visitor exceeds the time limit or makes use of any of the campsite's services, he/she will be considered as a customer for one day.
- After 10 p.m. no visitors are allowed.

- For reasons of cleanliness, aesthetics and good manners, it is forbidden to throw paper, cigarette butts, food waste or other objects on the ground. Waste bins are available for this purpose.
- It is compulsory to collect rubbish and waste in plastic bags, duly closed, which will be deposited in the containers provided for this purpose.
- It is compulsory to leave the site where the tent or caravan has been pitched in the same clean and tidy condition as when you arrived.

- For safety reasons it is forbidden to make any kind of fire inside the campsite, as well as the installation of watering devices and hoses.

10-Waste Collection
- Ordinary rubbish must be thrown away properly bagged and separated in the containers intended for this purpose. Do not throw away anything inorganic such as wood, electrical appliances, chairs, etc., which must be taken to an authorised recycling point, as the campsite does not have one. In the event of non-compliance, the person responsible will be charged for the costs involved in collecting and transporting them.

11-Electrical installations
- This Management reserves the right to check the client's electrical installations, when it considers it necessary, to avoid any type of damage to campers. If in any case the electricity supply has to be cut off, it will not be re-established until the customer's installation meets the minimum safety conditions.
- This company declines all liability arising from defective and/or non-approved installations.

12-Water use regulations
- The use of water that is not intended for drinking and hygiene purposes is prohibited.
- It is forbidden to use the fountains for washing clothes or dishes. They may only be used for drinking or collecting water.
- We recommend a responsible use of water.
- Where circumstances require and with appropriate signage, the Directorate may prohibit the consumption of water other than for human consumption.
- Water containing detergents or other toxic products may not be poured on the plots, trees, hedges, paths, river and in general in any place that is not intended for that purpose. Infringement of this point will be considered a SERIOUS offence.

- The company reserves the right to vary the hours of silence and rest, in specific circumstances, coinciding with its own festivities and events, which will be announced in advance.

14-Other obligations
- Campers must report any known cases of contagious disease to the Management.
- Respect plants, trees and facilities, making good use of them.
- Leaving the campsite at the end of the agreed period, unless this period is extended by mutual agreement between the Company and the Client.

- The campsite is not responsible for theft, theft or damage of any kind that campers may suffer, as well as damage that may occur as a result of inclement weather (fire, air, rain, etc.).
- Parents are responsible for damage caused by their children or visitors in their care.

16-Any deficiency
- Any defects or deficiencies observed by clients should be reported to the management so that they can be rectified as soon as possible.

- The campsite management, in accordance with these regulations, may evict campers who cause damage or significant damage to the facilities, as well as those who do not take care with cleanliness, do not keep order or disturb other campers.


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