La Trapera "Just like at home".

Hello #Ttraperos!

The first time we saw each other was not behind a bar, in the living room of our dining room carving a good steak or jumping to "bomba" in our swimming pool. The first time we saw each other was in the weirdest summer of our lives: the summer of 2020, the "pandemic" summer. We saw each other behind a door connected to the sound of a doorbell that read: "La Trapera as at home". And so it was, in the face of such a restrictive social situation and given that there were still a few months to go before we could see ourselves at La Trapera, that we decided to bring our dishes to your tables. Correction, it was you who chose to celebrate birthdays, family Sunday lunches, friends' dinners, afternoon snacks and many other special moments with our food in your homes. It was and has been this great welcome and your words of gratitude, our greatest energy to continue working these months.

We hope soon to be able to celebrate and to toast with beer in hand and although we are sure with a mask, we will do our best to make your special days ours.

See you at La Trapera!


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