Happy Lost Socks Day!

Hello traper@s!

Today, 9 May, is Lost Socks Day; yes, you read that right. Every day in the calendar has one or more significant days. They commemorate historical events, memorable places, illnesses, important people... In this eagerness to celebrate everything, there is no lack of imagination and there is also room for weirder, funnier or geekier things; call it what you like.

The truth be told, it's funny how much of a headache it is to notice that we have a mismatched sock. Days go by with the illusion that it will come after the next wash, that the broom will rescue it from under the bed or that the hoover will return it to us.

The lonely sock is taking up an increasingly backward place in our drawer and yet we are still reluctant to get rid of it. Did the washing machine hijack it? Did a bed catch it? Did it get lost the day we slept away from home? Was it left behind in the gym changing rooms?

We will have to give up and put an end to this useless hope. Take advantage of this day of the lost sock to renew your wardrobe and buy new socks, and if they are from Pradoluengo, even better!

Happy day!!!


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